We are hiring a Software and System architecture specialist

Act From Zero is a startup that aims to make data compliance and security simple, affordable and accessible to anyone.

At Act From Zero, we see the GDPR data protection rules as a pioneering standard and we want to make them the universal standard for data protection and security worldwide.

To achieve this, we create intelligent and easy-to-use solutions that are adapted to the needs and knowledge of everyone, from small entrepreneurs, SMEs and public authorities to data protection specialists.

Finally, our philosophy is innovation, multidisciplinarity, horizontality and empathy towards our users in order to build new solutions to best respond to their problems without simply reproducing existing answers.

To participate in our development, we are looking for a Researcher or an Engineer specialist in Software and System architecture with the following skills, starting in November 2021:

  • Excellent analytical mind, curious, willing to learn and with a strong capacity for abstraction.
  • Demonstrates strong listening skills and empathy with the end users of the product.
  • Ability to think outside the box and to formulate new and relevant answers to the needs and constraints expressed.
  • Strong experience in Software and System architecture design, preferably with successful web application or Software as a Service projects.
    Experience in decentralised, peer-to-peer or blockchain systems is also highly valued.
  • Good knowledge of the different types of monolithic and heterogeneous architectures and their inherent constraints.
  • Mastery of functional analysis and the elaboration of diagrams necessary to explain architectural choices.
  • Mastery of cybersecurity issues and knowledge of pentesting methods and tools.
  • Good knowledge of technical solutions on the market, hosting and cloud services as well as development languages and frameworks.
  • Mastery of several backend and/or frontend programming languages and the ability to prototype and test your own architectural choices.
  • Fluency in English is required, a French speaking capacity is a must.

However, we like to be frank and we want you to know that :

  • We are not a large company or an IT services company and our employees are neither interchangeable consultants nor routine employees. On the contrary, we are constantly working on new projects that require a great deal of open-mindedness and a real motivation to learn new things all the time.
  • We often work remotely and teleworking is part of our usual way of working.
  • Although very young, our company is involved in social innovation projects experimenting with new modes of project management and organisation based on multidisciplinary, horizontal work and leaving a lot of room for self-organisation in teams.
  • Finally, beyond our field of activity, we work in an environmental and social sustainability approach and we wish to recruit people who are aware of and comfortable with these issues.

Working conditions and remuneration:

Initially, remote and part-time work for a minimum of two days per week under a service contract. Second activity possible.

In a second phase, full-time employment and the possibility of a position of responsibility within the company with employee shareholding.

For research oriented profiles, academics and aspiring or current PhD profiles, a service contract or a thesis support contract (“CIFRE” or equivalent program) is strongly favoured.

If you feel that you fit all these points, we would be very happy to welcome you!